Spoon Chair by Kartell

Spoon Chair by Kartell

€ 503,00 € 452,00 (-10 %)

Monocoque light office on wheels, Spoon Chair is the result of an absolutely avant-garde production process. 
The innovative two-component injection molding technology with which this chair is conceived, in fact, allows to obtain a "
layered" product; two different thermoplastic materials are printed simultaneously, one with a simple aesthetic function (external),
the other with strong mechanical resistance (internal), which make Spoon Chair have very high technological features and maximum 
flexibility, given by an easily customizable thickness , which adapts to the weight of the user. The easy-to-use adjustment handle
of the mechanism is integrated into the lower body, thus completely hidden inside the frame, so as not to disturb the sinuosity 
of the line. Ideal for contract use, the fireproof version of Spoon Chair is also available.

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Spoon Chair (L.57 H.83.5/92.5 P.72)