Sofa Canisse by SERRALUNGA

Sofa Canisse by SERRALUNGA

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Serralunga together with French designer Philippe Nigro, developed Canisse a garden couch with an extremely naturalistic vision. Canisse is a haven in the open, a sheltered place in which large pillows beckon. An object of arredmaneto outdoor, for modern living rooms.
A garden sofa and an armchair that find their ideal location for outdoor and indoor use of your home will play a really eclectic, favored by the design of a highly decorative back, in tune with the spirit "" The First, the Original "" of Serralunga.
"On the shores of the Mediterranean grow bulrushes, wild plants with long, flexible rods, swaying, resisting. These thin plants are harvested and linked to realize mats used for protection from the sun, wind, from the looks. These "" cannes de Provence ", turned into separations," les canisses ", are evoked in this project of chairs for the outside, taking the simple and irregular aesthetic borrowed.
As an auction fence consists of a build solidarity between them, the hotel is designed in a modern furniture line of modular sofas and armchairs. "(Philippe Nigro)
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Sofa (175x68x80h)