Table Air by LAGO

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The design table Air, elegant, spacious and light is thought to life around it. Sit at this big table offers the unique experience of sharing a moment suspended in the flow of daily life.
Two almost invisible crystal legs support the table top, which seems suspended in the air. The extra-clear tempered glass gives a feeling of lightness.
available versions
Air Wildwood wooden table
In the version in Wildwood is an oak wood table with a lived that combines a sense of warmth and lightness. The table heads can be closed, thus showing the soul of the table, or falling glass and customizable in color. There are wooden table natural Wildwood, the table in gray wood and dark wood table.
Air table with lacquered or laminated top
Air table with glass top

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Air (120x85x76h)
Air (160x85x76h)
Air (190x85x76h)
Air (220x100x76h)
Air (250x100x76h)