Table Riddled table + Table 2 by HORM

Table Riddled table + Table 2 by HORM

€ 4.357,00 € 3.921,00 (-10 %)

Shot in extra clear tempered glass with polished edge, thickness mm 12. Legs realized with a material created and patented by HORM composed of a 2.2 mm thick sandwich of wood and fabric that, thanks to the superficial incisions made with laser cutting, is folded like origami. The stainless steel plates mm diameter 30x10H are fixed with M6x18 screws to the triangular frame made of solid wood and glued to the UV glass. The legs are mounted to the frame with galvanized studs with flat tip grain. Optional LED lighting system with rechargeable batteries (6 hours) positioned inside of the legs.

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Riddled Table
Table 2