Pots Santavase SERRALUNGA

Pots Santavase SERRALUNGA

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Can the large garden pots not be supported, but sprout directly from the ground?
Can, as the plant itself, originate from the earth, need soil, be it plane or inclined, to be used? The line of outdoor pots Santavase is so.
Santavase revolutionizes the concept of garden pots, no longer supported, but bolted to the ground by means of steel-toed. For the designer they represent a prosthesis and an extension of nature.
Large pots Santachiara garden decorate unexpectedly garden, alone or in groups, straight or slightly inclined to the ground. Provided on a metal support for indoor solutions (42 €).
Pour les solutions métalliques laquées et laquées, demandez un devis.


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Santavase (Ø40x85h)