Sofas and armchairs are fundamental elements for furnishing spaces, both public and private, and for creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The protagonists of the living area, the sofas are the furnishings for relaxation and family rest. In our selection you will find sofas, sofa beds, armchairs and chaise longues to be inserted in any environment. The proposed sofas are almost all modular and composable in the most congenial solution to your needs. You will find classic, modern, contemporary sofas but also trendy sofas, characterized by large modular cushions that can be combined with each other and with an informal seat. Some sofas are equipped with or without an armrest and are all available in various coverings. The armchairs are elements that can be used in any environment, including the sleeping area, and are indispensable for activities such as reading or resting. The chaise longues, on the other hand, are design objects to be exhibited as true declarations of intent. Characterized by an informal seat, they make the atmosphere sophisticated and elegant. Finally, the sofa beds are useful solutions for hosting any visitors. Within our selection you will find internationally renowned brands, such as Ditre Italia, Poliform, Arketipo Firenze, Bonaldo, Desiree and Novamobili.

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