Protagonists of kitchens, bars and restaurants, stools are often combined with islands and peninsulas as seats for breakfast or informal lunches. Used mainly in contemporary environments and in open spaces, the stools help to complete the furnishings of the house with style, elegance and functionality. Fixed or variable in height, with or without a backrest, the stools are available in different materials and in some cases with padding and upholstery of your choice. In the kitchen, once associated with the peninsula or the island, they allow you to transform the worktop into a table for breakfast or a quick meal, because they are higher than a chair. Plastic stools are light, easy to move and decorate the room through the use of color. There are also transparent versions, such as the iconic Kartell stools. The stools fit easily into all indoor environments, but depending on the material chosen, they can also be designed for outdoor environments.

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