Coffee tables are the inevitable protagonists of the living area or of the more spacious bedrooms. Within our selection, you will find models of different shapes and sizes: square, rectangular, round or with irregular profiles. The choice of materials is vast: wood, metal, marble, glass, transparent or colored plastic, glossy or matt lacquered; sometimes these same materials can also be combined with each other. Some tables are true catalysts of attention and are designed to be placed in the center of the living area, in front of the sofa or armchairs. For this reason the shelves are large and spacious: to accommodate books, magazines but also precious objects. Other tables, however, higher and narrower in width, can be placed next to the sofa or armchairs, as support surfaces for objects of common use. Finally, some tables characterized by a contemporary style and design can also be used for the sleeping area as a valid alternative to common bedside tables.

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