The sofa is the key element of the living area, around which the style of the house hinges. Perfect for rest and relaxation after a day of work, the sofa is the essential piece of furniture, to be chosen carefully, according to the needs and the most popular style. The sofas in our selection can be linear, corner or with integrated chaise-longue. The models are almost all modular and the more classic ones have a rigid seat, while the more contemporary ones have an informal seat. Among the trendy sofas you will find those made up of large modular cushions, to ensure unparalleled comfort. The sofas can be of different heights, rest on the ground or be raised, or even be equipped with or without armrests. The covers can be in removable fabric, velvet, leather or eco-leather. Among the fabrics in our selection you will also find those that are stain-resistant or resistant to scratches from pets. Finally, some models can be made with two-tone fabrics or with a mix of materials, on request. Within our selection you will find internationally renowned brands, such as Ditre Italia, Poliform, Arketipo Firenze, Bonaldo, Desiree and Novamobili.

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