Kristalia was born in Pordenone in 1994 thanks to a group of musicians with a passion for Jazz who decided to change their career by creating objects with a simple but innovative design. Initially known for its extendable tables, today Kristalia offers a rather large selection of products: fixed tables, coffee tables, armchairs, stools, chairs and other accessories. The linearity of the products and their easy placement in different environments, has allowed the brand to expand within the contract sector. The red thread of the Kristalia collections is the passion for minimalism, colour and experimenting with new materials. And it is precisely the latter that arouse such great interest, especially with regard to the use of residual materials from the fashion and sports circles; but also for the use of cement, alucompact, aluminum, rigid polyurethane and Felix - all recyclable materials that make Kristalia a brand that is aware and respectful of the planet in which it lives. The most famous products of the Kristalia collections are the Sushi table, the Boum and Face chairs and the BCN stool. Each of these has obtained an excellent response from the public, but also awards and recognition at a global level.

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