Ditre Italia is a company that manufactures 100% Made in Italy sofas, beds and armchairs. Born in the province of Treviso in 1976 thanks to the De Marchi brothers, in the last forty years of business it has opened a showroom and two production plants. The brand stands out for the tailoring quality and elegance of its creations, as well as the constant search for a style that can be easily adapted to domestic spaces. Each Ditre Italia product is offered in a variety of materials: leather, linen, cotton, all customizable through the choice of color. However, what defines Ditre Italia the most is its will to satisfy the principles of ethics and eco-sustainability. The customer is thus aware of choosing a brand that is careful to respect the environment, through the effort to minimize all forms of pollution. Numerous Italian and international names have contributed to the Ditre Italia collections, including Lorenzo Lo Scalzo Moscheri, Lorella Agnoletto and Anna Von Schewen. Each of them has created iconic and elegant products. Format and Ditre Italia are linked by a long-term synergy relationship that has led Format to become one of the best and most specialized official partners of the brand.

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