Table Daytona by Devina Nais

Table Daytona by Devina Nais

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The Daytona table by Devina Nais stands out for its indisputable elegance characterized by an extremely modern cut with a unique glass structure able to support a solid wood floor entirely customizable with all the colors of wood available. We technically analyze the materials in question. We start from the glass base consisting of two divided rectangular panels, positioned irregularly (one in a horizontal position and the other vertical in relation to the plane) giving a very unusual and exclusive effect. Functionality and aesthetic impact characterize this product, but in general the whole category and range of products by Devina Nais. Even in this case the craftsmanship is evident, as the possibility of customization, this as many other products can be viewed in our showroom where you can also admire other solutions to make your environment something unique and exciting.

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Daytona | Wood (Cruise)
Daytona | Glass (Wall)
Daytona | Iron (Wave)
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