Sofa Bristol by POLIFORM

Sofa Bristol by POLIFORM

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The Bristol sofa by Poliform is certainly one of the flagships of the entire upholstery category of the company, which is becoming more and more established in the world of designer sofas and is spreading all over the world with its brand.

Bristol is a program that makes it possible to obtain an elegant and top-quality upholstery despite the fact that there are headrests that apparently could interrupt the harmony of the product, but in this case this aspect consists of added value also in aesthetic terms.
The linearity of the forms, the feather padding with assopiuma certification and the absolute elegance of the Poliform products make this company more and more a leader on the international scene.
The hand of the designer in a product of such simplicity can be seen, Jean Marie Massaud has made the sofa Bristol an example of linearity to which everyone now tries to inspire by resuming, often unsuccessfully, the forms and unnecessarily looking for a unique and inimitable comfort.
 Let's now analyze the technical characteristics in detail. The structure of this modular sofa is in molded flexible polyurethane, while the seat cushion is in shaped flexible polyurethane.
About the pre-covering of the seat cushion is characterized by parts in cotton and feather cloth alternating with parts of polyester wadding.
A final fundamental aspect is the total removable covers in the various fabrics that can be chosen, but above all also in all the leathers from the samples.

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Sofa Bristol (L162 P107 H600/620)
Sofa Bristol (L214 P107 H600/620 cm)
Sofa Bristol ( L254 P107 H600/620 cm)
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